Downshifting Your Career Before Retirement

How Can Downshifting Your Career in Your 60’s Help Your Retirement Plan? The age-old tradition of working full-time for 40 years and then abruptly retiring at age 62 or 65 is no longer your only possibility for a happy and successful retirement. If that is you, you’ll need additional income due to rising life expectancy… Continue reading Downshifting Your Career Before Retirement

Is Partial Retirement Right For You

Is a Partial Retirement Right for You? What is Partial Retirement Partial Retirement or phased retirement is just what it sounds like. It’s downshifting from your fulltime job to something part time until you are ready to fully retire. People we talk with lately are looking for a way to gradually leaving the workforce instead… Continue reading Is Partial Retirement Right For You

Tax Considerations for IRAs

IRAs are an effective way to save for retirement. Along with offering tax breaks, one of the biggest perks of an IRA (both traditional and Roth) is that they offer tax-free growth on your investments. You won’t be taxed on dividends or capital gains while the investments are in your account. IRA accounts are easy… Continue reading Tax Considerations for IRAs

A Look at How Inflation Can Impact Your Retirement

One factor many future retirees overlook when calculating their retirement income is inflation. In simplest terms, inflation means that the price of everything increases over time, including housing, groceries, gas, insurance and more. Over time, these small increases start to eat away into your planned retirement income and how much it can purchase in “today’s… Continue reading A Look at How Inflation Can Impact Your Retirement

Keep Ahead of the Scammers

It wasn’t that long ago when our money and assets felt safe, with investment accounts secured by SIPC insurance and bank accounts secured by FDIC insurance. If you happened to spot a fraudulent charge on your credit card, a quick phone call to your credit card removed the threat. Potential access to your personal finances… Continue reading Keep Ahead of the Scammers